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Entrepreneurial people
Entrepreneurial people are very important for society, business, formal education, and many other fields. Why? Because they show initiative, have the necessary courage, make decisions, and show responsibility.
Entrepreneurial types see opportunities and don't like to keep things the way they used to be when that doesn't work.
  • They draw their own plan and act accordingly.
  • Are well informed about relevant developments in the environment and use this knowledge effectively.
  • Has an eye for the effects of (own) decision-making.
  • Wants to continuously get the best out of him/herself and their projects and initiatives.
  • Can gain acceptance or agreement from others for his own point of view through argumentation, personal ascendancy and tact.
  • Identifies and investigates the wishes and needs of others and acts accordingly
  • Views situations from different angles and thinks outside the box.
  • Knows how to combine things, and makes connections
  • Consults others/experts and knows how to involve them through networking

Definition of entrepreneurship: ‘the ability to turn ideas into action that generate value for someone other than oneself.’* Therefore we have developed 3 learning playlists: ‘Ideas and opportunities’, ‘Resources’ and ‘Into Action’. These are the 3 areas where you show the ability to transform ideas and opportunities into action by mobilising resources. These resources can be personal (namely, self-awareness and self-efficacy, motivation and persever-ance), material (for instance, production means and financial resources) or non-material (for instance, specific knowledge, skills and attitudes).*

Entrecomp (The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework) defines entrepreneurship as a transversal competence, which applies to all spheres of life: from nurturing personal development, to actively participating in society, to (re)entering the job market as an employee or as a self-employed person, and also to starting up ventures (cultural, social or commercial). This competence model is used to define the Open Badges that you can earn during this learning playlist.

Why should you do this playlist
To understand how you can recognise and strengthen entrepreneurial traits and skills in yourself. And to be aware about how to take advantage of them.

Within this playlist you will work on the ability to identify and develop ideas and opportunities. 
Activity 1, Spotting Opportunities: You will practice how to use your imagination and abilities to identify opportunities for creating value. 
Activity 2, Creativity: Develop creative and purposeful ideas. 
Activity 3, Vision: Work towards your vision of the future. 
Activity 4, Valuing ideas: Make the most of ideas and opportunities. 
Activity 5, Thinking Ethically and sustainably: Assess the consequences and impact of ideas, opportunities and actions.

To know if this playlist is for you, you can complete the self-assessment to see which skills can be learned inside the different activities.

For each completed activity you can earn a micro-credential badge. When all steps are fulfilled you will earn the Playlist Ideas and Opportunities Badge.

Good luck and have fun!

There are two other playlist where you can learn and show how to be entrepreneurial: 

* Entrecomp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, JCR Science for policy report, 2016, page 10

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NASA ‘s mission is to explore. They visit destinations in our solar system and study worlds beyond to better understand big questions. How did we get here? Where are we headed? Are we alone?

In which areas are you exploring smaller and bigger questions? It doesn’t have to be as extraordinary as NASA does, where are you heading too? Which vision do you have about smaller and bigger areas that keeps you busy? Are you implementing a new method or tool in your work or study? Can you already look ahead to what might come next after this implementation? Or where do you want to be in 2030 or 2040? 
'Having your end in mind' about something that you're implementing can be seen as your 'vision' of the future of yourself, your community, a project or an activity.' When you develop a vision you are able to both imagine the future to turn ideas into action and visualise future scenarios to help guide effort and action.

A person with entrepreneurial skills draws their own plan and act accordingly, therefore needs to have a clear vision to:
  • develop simple future scenarios where value is created for their community and surroundings.

A vision board is something like a dream board filled with images, pictures, affirmations of what you dream about or something that you want to achieve or accomplish. Vision boards act as a visual presentation of dreams and objectives and can guide you towards your aim while helping you to focus, plan and do the tasks that are needed to reach your dreams or objectives. At the same time they can make you creative and motivated in finding ways to reach your dream or objective. There are no rules for creating a vision board, some make it small, others make a poster size and put it on the wall so it inspires them through their journey. When you create a vision board, make time for it and enjoy your creativity.
To learn more about Vision, you also can check out Learning Playlist Vision my Learning

Another way to work towards your future and imagination of social change is creating a future scenario. A scenario can be described as a very detailed portrait of a believable future for yourself, your organisation or your community. When creating a future scenario you will think about which problems, challenges and opportunities the future could present. It is helpful to create a persona first. This persona represents yourself, or your target group, the people who you want to vision their possible future. You can create a future scenario in narrative style or other type of text. You can do it on your own, but very nice is to create future scenarios together with peers, colleagues or your target group itself.

When following the micro-learning activities based on the above skills you can earn your Seeing Clearly With a Vision badge.

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The owner of this badge has shown imagination.

The holder of this badge has worked independently and in collaboration with peers at the skill ‘Vision’ which connects with the area Ideas and Opportunities. 
  • develop simple future scenarios where value is created for their community and surroundings.

This badge is part of the Entrecomp, the European Entrepreneurial Competence framework to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations.

How the holder of this badge worked on these skills can be seen in the evidence in the badge tasks. Adult educators have assessed the completed tasks.
You have to finish 1 task to get the badge
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: un organizator al activității
Create a vision board of how you would like your community to look in 3 years time. 

  • What improvements do you envisage? 
  • What new things do you want to see? 
  • What are the values and outcomes for the community?
Task no.2
Evidence verified by: un organizator al activității
FUTURE SCENARIO 2032 - planning skills
Create a future scenario of how you would like your community to look in 2032. 

  • What improvements do you envisage? 
  • What new things do you want to see? 
  • What are the values and outcomes for the community?


#Design value
#Be accountable
#Guide action
#Analyse the context
#Be innovative
#Define problems
#Be curious and open
#Think sustainably
#Assess impact
#Behave ethically
#Recognise the value of ideas
#Identify, create and seize opportunities
#Focus on challenges
#Uncover needs
#Share and protect ideas
#Develop ideas
#Think strategically
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