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Have you ever experienced that you were talking to people and that they responded with “that’s a great idea!”. And when you heard this, have you done something with your idea? Do you know what made you start to develop the idea into reality? Or do you know what made you NOT start? How to make the most out of ideas and opportunities?

When you are "valuing Ideas', you make the most of the ideas and opportunities in social, cultural and economic terms you encounter or are offered to you. You are also able to recognize the potential an idea has for creating value and identify suitable ways of making the most out of it.
As a person with entrepreneurial skills you will see where the opportunities lie and seize them with full conviction. A person who is valuing ideas can:
  • show how different groups, such as firms and institutions, create value in their community and surroundings.
  • explain that ideas can be shared and circulated for the benefit of everyone or can be protected by certain rights, for example, copyrights or patents.

Creating value
There are several ways to create value in your community. We can distinguish 3 types of values;
Economic value

Social value

Cultural value

By understanding how value is created, you are able to show how and what value different groups, such as firms and institutions, create value in their community and surroundings. The Value Proposition Canvas is a great tool to understand how to create value for your target group and their practical, social and emotional needs. Via creation of a value proposition canvas you can show which benefits your target group can have from your ideas when you realise them and define how your target group would use your ideas. How can it solve their problems or satisfy them and help them to get their mission fulfilled.
A great resource is from Ingrid Burgett Knode, within this resource they ask the following questions:
  • What value do you provide your customers? Why would they keep coming back?
  • What is the relationship between your commercial value proposition and your impact value proposition?
  • how visible or prominent is your impact value proposition? Who values and would pay for your impact value proposition? Who understands it?
  • how do you account for / measure your value proposition (both commercial and impact)?

Protected by rights
Intellectual property

Organisations and individuals and their intellectual properties are protected by law to prevent others from using their ideas, designs, inventions or developments without permission. Identify the unlawful use of your rightful property by arranging property rights. You can see it as your intellectual property: property that is a creation of the mind, such as a symbol, an invention or even a name.

There are four types of intellectual property rights and protections: 
  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets
More information can be found at the website of Your Europe.

Copyright, Public domain, Sampling and Fair use
Nowadays almost everybody is a creator, we need to be aware of copyright law and the appropriate ways to use original work responsibly with fair use. This means that when you create, you need to give credit where credit is due, and get credit for your original work!

When following the micro-learning activities based on the above skills you can earn your Valuing ideas Badge.

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The owner of this badge has shown to recognise the value of ideas and to share and protect ideas.

The holder of this badge has worked independently and in collaboration with peers at the skill ‘Valuing ideas’ which connects with the area Ideas and Opportunities.
  • Showed how different groups, such as firms and institutions, create value in its community and surroundings.

How the holder of this badge worked on these skills can be seen in the evidence in the badge tasks. Adult educators have assessed the completed tasks.

This badge is part of the Entrecomp, the European Entrepreneurial Competence framework to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations.
Task no.1
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Step 1: Identifying what benefits business, companies, industry and institutions bring to the community, connect values, opportunities and ideas. Identify one large company and explore and share what benefits they bring to the community. This of course will bring employment but what else? 

Step 2: As for step 1 but this time identify one small to medium company and explore and share what benefits they bring to the community.

Step 3: What is the Third Sector or Social Enterprise? What should make these unique as a business model? 

Step 4: What local partnerships and collaborations can you discover in your community? Maybe two businesses work together to deliver something or a business and social enterprise work together to realise a service for the community? 

Step 5: You can identify the benefits (values) by using the Value proposition canvas template.You can earn an extra badge if you identify and  give one example of each of  the 3 different values companies or group(s) bring to your community.


#Recognise the value of ideas
#Share and protect ideas
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