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You don't see golden opportunities only with your eyes, but also with your mind. In which sector do you want to be active and where are the opportunities? Think for example about what you can contribute to your community. Maybe you are always complaining about the plastic on the streets? Now you can get started to turn your complaints into examining opportunities to resolve the problem and make value.

As a person with entrepreneurial skills you will see where the opportunities lie and seize them with full conviction. A person who is spotting opportunities can:
  • recognise opportunities to create value in their community and surroundings
  • recognise challenges in their community and surroundings that can contribute to solving
  • identify needs in their community and surroundings that have not been met
  • recognise the different roles the public, private and third sectors play in their region or country

This activity is based on the European Competence Framework Entrecomp: “By ‘spotting Opportunities' we are triggered to use our imagination and abilities to explore and identify opportunities for creating value in the area (social, cultural and economic) we work in. In this way we are able to identify needs and challenges that need to be met and establish new connections and  opportunities to create value.”

SWOT analysis
A method that can help spotting opportunities in your community is a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis will show you where the opportunities and weaknesses are of that community. It’s important to make observations and findings as objective as possible. What goes well and what can be done better? Chat with other people to receive different perspectives.
Several questions to ask yourself:
  • What are the STRENGTHS of the community? 
  • What are the WEAKNESSES of the community?
  • Which OPPORTUNITIES are already present in the community?
  • Which actors are a THREAT for the community?

Example of a SWOT analysis:

SWOT Ananlyses example

When following the micro-learning activities based on the above skills you can earn your Spotting opportunities badge.


  • SWOT Analysis worksheet & example

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The owner of this Spotting Opportunities badge has created a personal Wikipedia description of their community and thereby shown to:
  • recognise opportunities to create value in their community and surroundings.
  • recognise challenges in their community and surroundings that can contribute to solving.
  • identify needs in their community and surroundings that have not been met.

The holder of this badge has worked independently and in collaboration with peers at the skill ‘Spotting Opportunities’ which connects with the area Ideas and Opportunities (foundation level) of Entrecomp, the European Entrepreneurial Competence framework to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations.

How the holder of this badge worked on these skills can be seen in the evidence in the badge tasks. Adult educators have assessed the completed tasks.
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Create your own personal Wikipedia type description of your community: 
  • What is the history of the place? 
  • What is the population? 
  • Who lives there?
  • What is the industry/business?

Some practical tools to transfer your Wikipedia description into a real Wikipedia are Wikislim and MediaWiki. Creating a Wikipedia is not mandatory for earning your Open Badge, we only expect to receive your description.


#Identify, create and seize opportunities
#Focus on challenges
#Uncover needs
#Analyse the context
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